Monday, 22 August 2011


This is the sound of August in Korea.

Simon and Martina sum up my feelings about the cicadas pretty well.


Jesmyluk said...

We live in St. Louis, MO & that is what it sounds like here from June through August. Its become white noise to me now but I do have a problem with the shedded husks that make their way into & onto everything.

This summer has been worse than others, thanks to the periodical cicadas, that have been terrorizing us.

Swarms of them dive bombing car windows in rush hour traffic is bad enough. Now I can't get my 7 yr old daughter to run to the mailbox for me anymore let alone play outside int he fresh air, without her big brother or me by her side, because they swarm her. Poor kid.

Anonymous said...

I don't find them very annoying, personally. They mark the end of the rainy season, so I'm thankful to hear them.

Simon and Martina are hilarious.