Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clearinghouse: Links

Some very readable and worthwhile links that I want to share, but don't have time to write up at length:

Discussion of Expat misbehavior in Georgia. It touches on the way lack of accountability plays a role in people acting overseas in ways they wouldn't act in their home communities. Somebody sent me this link... I think of facebook... a long time ago.

Ants on the March - I really want to visit this neighbourhood. And ones like it. Any of my readers know more about "daldongnae"?

This article at the Diplomat, which I've added to my sidebar, suggests that while Western English teachers sure do raise a stink, the racism they face in Korea pales beside the treatment given to South Asians. I find myself agreeing. Matt from Popular Gusts discusses this article.

Matt also has a great write-up about more cartoon depictions of English teachers... plus other stuff. He's doing so much great work documenting the media campaign to scapegoat English teachers.

Nils Footman talks about one of the new web services that is part of bringing an end to Korea's internet monoculture.


Anonymous said...

The thing I hate most about Black Out Korea is the ridiculous claim that they are somehow doing a public service, something morally justifiable, by "highlighting the excessive drinking culture... in Korea."

That is simply rubbish.

It reminds me of a website I saw many years ago with pictures of ugly people. They claimed to celebrate the diversity of people.

Both sites are simply taking cheap shots by showing embarrassing photos of people.

That kind of dishonesty is really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... previous comment was posted in wrong place. Could you please move it to the previous post on BOK article?

Niels Footman said...

Thanks for the link, Rob! Much appreciated,