Friday, August 05, 2011

Article on South Korea's problems Integrating Non-Them's

Faustino John Lim, whom I've worked with on the consultative committee I'm a part of at the Canadian Embassy, has published a very interesting article in The Diplomat's "New Leaders Forum" about South Korea's challenges integrating migrant workers, multicultural kids, and North Koreans, and warns of the formation of a racialized underclass.

"How successfully South Korea handles its marginalized populations will demonstrate not only its ability to achieve a multicultural society, but also a successful model of modernization."


"Long boastful of its nation's apparent ethnic homogeneity...the spectre of institutional racisim, excluding those not fully 'Korean' from equal opportunities for social and economic advancement, looms."

The article frames the issue well, though it's not quite long enough to propose many straight-up solutions.

But it's DEFINITELY worth a read.

So... Go read!

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