Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10 Magazine Reboot

10 Magazine has been providing one of the best events calendars out there, and they're trying to reinvent their website so that users can submit their own events, which is really useful. Especially if there's a curator to be sure that "Dylan's birthday party" doesn't quite make it in (that's what facebook groups are for)...

to pay for reinventing their website, and making it more useful for you, the readers, they're trying to raise $3000. I like 10 Magazine: they're good people, and between 10 and Groove Magazine, we're on our way to defying Bethell's Law, which makes me happy.

Bethell's Law:
the foreign community in Korea has always been much too fragmented, transient and diverse to broadly support any publications that fail to hew closely and safely to the proverbial lowest common denominator. That is as true today as it was a hundred years ago, if not more so.
 So... go forth. Support. They're two thirds of the way to their goal as of this writing, and you can get stuff if you help out.


chiam said...

Isn't 10 Magazine for profit? Why would I donate to a for profit to change something on their site in order for them to make more profit. That's wrong.

Charles Montgomery said...


How is that "wrong?" They've come up with a new profit vector.

That just makes them all the cleverer.^^

Rob-o-SE-yo said...


not your style perhaps.

You can read the write-up about why they've got their hands open if you follow the link, and if you buy it, support it, and if you don't, don't... nobody's putting a gun to anybody's head.

I like the people I've worked with at 10 magazine, and given that I don't have the time or tech savvy to put together a user-input-capable events calendar myself, but I see how that would be useful, I'm happy to send readers to a place where they DO have the time, will, and savvy to make their website that way.

HiExpat/Groove Magazine has an events calendar already running. You can put your events on there, too.


Steve said...

As the guy running 10 Magazine, I'd like to point out that yes, we are a for-profit organization, but we have yet to realize any profit what-so-ever in our 3 years of existence. I'd have made way more money if I had stayed at my professor position - with way more vacation and less gray hairs!

Every penny we've ever made has gone to paying our 5 full-time staff members and making a better magazine for our readers. We provide jobs to our employees and what we hope is a great service to English speakers in Korea.

If you appreciate us we hope you'll donate or share on Facebook or post to your blog like Roboseyo has been kind enough to do. However, the idea that donating to our work is 'wrong' is rather absurd. We hope you'll come around Chaim, as we'd really like to disprove Bethell's Law!


Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell each of these rags review the same ex-pat joints in Itaewon ad nauseam. Throw in a few crappy ex-pat band reviews, rinse, repeat.

And begging for cash isn't a new profit "vector," it's an admission of failure.

Good riddance.

(Sorry if that's harsh, but I live in Daegu anyways so I couldn't care less which pub in Seoul has the best french fries.)

Charles Montgomery said...


Wetcasements also apparently doesn't understand that money is a good thing (I speak as a member of this here capitalist society)...

Begging for cash is as old as the street, the United Way, and Greece. I name but a few.

It's a job, same as any other.

Bitter folks stay bitter.. ^^

Anonymous said...

Money is a wonderful thing. As Homer Simpson realized, it can be exchanged for various goods and services: