Tuesday, 11 May 2010

All over the Korea Herald Today

Hello Readers.

I'm Roboseyo, or Rob Ouwehand. This is my personal blog. You may have found this blog because of the articles in today's Korea Herald, about ATEK's Legal Assurance Program, which is big news, and my new position as ATEK's National Communications Officer.

To find out more about me, go ahead and look around the blog; some of my best or most popular posts are on the right. However, I should be clear that these are all my own, personal opinions, and they don't represent ATEK.

To learn more about ATEK, visit ATEK's website. You can also check out ATEK's Twitter feed, to the right.

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The Sanity Inspector said...

Congratulations on the fame & fortune, Rob! How do you pronounce your family name?