Friday, 4 December 2009

Hub of Sparkle Down: Event Listings for the Weekend

Tiny Tim wishes you a merry Christmas.

Hub of Sparkle's down, infected by a nasty virus. So I'll put up a few event postings here: I'm on a bunch of facebook Korea group mailing lists, and I'd like to share a few of them: Christmas is coming and it's time to look at some of what's going on out and about.

Tuna Attack (blog here) is a new underground 'zine. On the 5th (Saturday) there's a debut party. You can go. Entry, 13,000W 9:30 @ Bowie Club, Hongdae. More info at the blog. Map here.

Seoul Style is also having a debut partay, including a fashion gala put on by feetmanseoul.

You can win tickets to a concert, courtesy of 10 Magazine, by voting for your favorite Korean movie here. (survey here)

Next, and this is one I encourage all of you to attend: tomorrow there's a World AIDS Day fundraiser/celebration in Hongdae. The event is called Rubber Seoul, and for a 10 000 won cover, you can get into a bunch of clubs, and buy t-shirts, and do all kinds of other things that will help people living with HIV/AIDS. The whole shebang starts at 8:30 at Jane's Groove, and from there, have a blast!

If you want to receive updates on stuff like this, Uber Rad Life...Korea is a Facebook group you should join: there's tons of stuff there for anyone who's looking to bolster their fun quotient in Korea. Uber Rad Life wants you to know about Tokyo Underground, too. If you like DJs, it's for you.

More from my facebook inbox:

Animal Rescue Korea is having a food and accessory drive on December 11th: more info here.

The other, more frightening Tiny Tim ALSO wishes you a merry Christmas.
(who is the scary Tiny Tim?)


The Sanity Inspector said...

Yikes. Coulda done without that last pic, friend!

Roboseyo said...

weird pictures are my own little prank on my readers. Tiny Tim is an icon of weirdness in his own right, though, isn't he?