Friday, December 11, 2009

In the Herald Twice this Week, and Hats off to Ben, Andrea, and Dann

I'm in the Korea Herald twice this week: on Wednesday, talking about 2S2, the expat get-together. You can come, too - at 2pm in the Twosome Place coffee shop next to exit 1 of Anguk subway station, near Insadong.

Dress warmly because we're going to be outdoors, watching the Snowboarding competition/festival in Gwanghwamun Plaza. You can also check out the 2S2 blog, or see what else I've written about it at Roboseyo. I've had interest from a few people about starting new 2S2 pockets in other areas, so if you're thinking about it, too, please drop me a line.

Next: also in the Herald, I put in a plug for the Korean International Salsa Social - KISS in today's Herald. You can read about it here. It's a good time to get involved in the community: they're having a party tomorrow in Itaewon!

Finally, and here's the biggie:

Hats off to Dann Gaymer, Ben Wagner, Andrea Vandom, et al, for appearing on CBC Radio, probably Canada's most respectable news organization - "BBC of Canada" if you will -- sometimes called the Canadian news mecca. They're on there talking about Anti-English Spectrum's targeting of English teachers, and the visa requirements, and all that jazz. I just listened to the feature, and it's quite well done, and each of them explain themselves well.

You can check it out here.
This is great, and a big step up from the somewhat sloppy report that was in the Canadian National Post earlier this week.

Good work, all... and a special nod must also go to Matt from Popular Gusts, who wasn't interviewed, but whose work publishing and spreading news about Anti-English Spectrum has been, in my opinion, pivotal in building the momentum that is now leading to this kind of coverage in the international media. The next question is how much international embarrassment is required before decision-makers start getting stuff done -- the tree isn't just falling in the forest anymore, thanks. But for now: Cheers all around! I owe each of you a beer or a latte, next time we meet.

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