Thursday, 10 September 2009

Asian Poses, and a picture of a friend, and an embarrassing picture of a nemesis

I love eating out with food bloggers (unlike Dan Gray, who likes the same thing, but without the "with"), because you get pictures like this, where everybody's forgotten that food is for eating, not photographing.

And I, for one, want to tell you about Asian Poses: it's a hilarious blog chronicling all the goofy poses that Asians make when somebody pulls out a camera. It's an awesome blog, and you should check it out.

And not only do I want to tell you about the blog, I want to demonstrate a few of the poses... so here goes.

Dammit, I'm awesome! I'm totally entering this video in their contest!

Next, it's good to hang out with food bloggers, because there's usually good food nearby if you keep them on your speed dial.

Plus, there's always the chance you'll get some embarrassing pictures of them. Especially when they pose for them. (I don't know why they pose for embarrassing pictures when a blogger's holding the camera... even the ATEK guys saved their really juicy stories for the second or third time I met them: not the first time.

But anyway, enjoy these pictures, because I never actually got permission to post these from Joe or Dan or Evan, so I might have to take them down. Even though once it's on the internet, taking it down is kind of moot... but whatcha gonna do?

So, without further ado, here's a picture Joe might not want you to see.

Next: here's my buddy Evan.

Doesn't he resemble this guy?

Finally: here's G-dragon.

Doesn't my buddy Dan resemble him?

Yeah I thought so, too.
Dan is trying to dig up some dirt he can use to embarrass me, but unfortunately for him, last time we hung out, he got so drunk he couldn't remember all the scandalous secrets I told him, and the Asian Poses video is the best he could do. Shouldn't have finished that first beer, Dan!


Foreigner Joy said...

Great un-serious post!

Matt said...'re a natural

danielle said...

Um, Joe is totally adorable in that picture?
And G-Dragon is a hot little muffin (see recent ridiculous post on how I'm attracted to this monstrosity of a skinny Korean man-child).
Also, I miss coffee beer. We must drink some soon. I'm in Seoul next weekend!!

Brian said...

I hope swine flu brings about a revolution in personal hygeine and work culture here.

I hope next comes a revolution in the increased awareness of traffic safety.

Next, I hope comes a determined crackdown on Asian poses.

In spite of the benefits of kimchi---which gives Korean women their beauty and can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas---Korean women must be aware of APD. APD is something that figures in when evaluating the hotness of an Asian woman.

APD is Asian Pose Deduction. For instance, my least-favorite pose is what I call "the holler". Its effect is negligible when talking about people of low attractiveness, such as the members of Kara. But, with an APD of .36, its effect is catastrophic on a stunner.

Let's say you're walking through the Gwangju Bus Terminal and you see a strikingly good-looking woman. All factors considered she ranks as a 9.7 on the hotness scale. So long as she doesn't do anything repulsive, like hit an Asian pose or babble ridiculous English or chew loudly, she'll be fine. But if she hits, for example, "the holler," the .36 APD will bring her down to under a 3.5 on the scale.

With so many variables to consider, that's why it can be so hard to evaluate Korean beauty, and is arguably the main reason why Korea has yet to legitimately win any Nobel Prizes. Korea must work to ban Asian poses in order to increase its international brand value.

1994 said...

Have you heard the 'new' Korean Maroon 5 song "This love." It is on the radio and straight up ripped off.

Gomushin Girl said...

you know you have better pictures that more accurately portray the striking resemblence between G-dragon and G-dan. Are you reserving it for some extra vicious blackmail?

Roboseyo said...

@gomushin girl ... bwahahahahaha!

depends on what happens next.

Your move, Dan. And don't bother sending your dad to beat up my dad: my dad's a ninja.

Daniel Gray said...

Damn you Roboseyo. Did you notice that your video is up on Asian Poses! And you aren't even Asian. I hope your children are born pox marked.


Tamar1973 said...

ROTFLOL! This battle of the unflattering poses between you, Dan and Joe can't possibly end well.
This is why I don't eat food in my cooking videos anymore.

Roboseyo said...

Did you notice the annotations I added after you put my video up on your blog, dan? Your own blog is picking on you now.