Wednesday, September 02, 2009

To all the people freaking out about swine flu...

others have been talking about this: Brian and Jason, for starters.

Now, I don't teach Kids, and if I did, I might be among you... however, we're also seeing an unprecedented wave of health and contagion awareness spread across Korea right now. Hopefully the sanitary behavior will persist even after the swine flu abates.

Have you noticed these all over the place? I have:

Yep. How to wash your hands.
And remember having your relatives send you these, and guarding them like Gollum?

I bought that one at a GS Mart. (Now sure, the sudden disinfectant binge might well make Korea a petri dish for breeding that new, disinfectant-resistant super-virus... but

And yesterday, between my workplace and my house, there was a little "get your temperature taken/fill out this symptom questionnaire" station set up. I'm fine: just a sore throat from the air conditioners. I've noticed a real upswing in contagion containment awareness, haven't you? (sure, sick people are still going to work, though I almost sent someone home yesterday, but it's getting better, isn't it?)

Other bloggers on Swine Flu: places and words (HT brian) Gangwon notes, The View from Over Here, and according to Korea Beat, an article about hand washing was the most-read Naver article last week.

Meanwhile, I've created a new post label to commemorate the Swine Flu.


JIW said...

It is about damn time~~!!

Next move for Korea: Stay home when sick..the day that happens I will thank the very heavens.

Unknown said...

The hand-washing article wasn't the most-read overall, just in its category of life and culture. Still, good too see.

Unknown said...

I' m visiting Korea in a few weeks, My wife warned me already, "Don't be too surprised if people stare at you strangely and try not to cough too much in public places!"

danielle said...

Hey Rob, in response to your earlier Korean music thing, I've got a mix tape coming your way! Shoot me your address and I'll get it to you. Had Kenny's help of course!

Roboseyo said...

Sweet! I'm totally stoked to get it, Danielle.