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Ten Things To Do

Over at the Seoul Podcast, Zenkimchi, Jennifer, and Stafford gave their "Top Ten Things To See in Korea" and "Top Ten Things To Do In Korea" lists. After ruling out crossover, it came to a list of fifty-seven things.

I thought I'd add a few of my own. They're not all "Must See" items, but they're things that have helped make my time here more enjoyable in one way or another, or some of my favourite memories of being here.

My list is biased toward Seoul, because I've always lived here, and not had my poop together enough to travel the rest of Korea as much as it deserves. . . but here she is, folks.

Roboseyo's ten things to see:
In no particular order:

10. coex at 1am when the late movie gets out and the entire rest of the mall is abandoned. . . but you can wander around wherever you like

9. Pukhakdong, the neighbourhood between inwang mountan and pukak mountain, and the trail up inwang mountain, as accessed through the neighbourhood on the north side of inwang mountain.

8. new year's eve at boshingak

7. lantern festival at Buddha's birthday; especially tapgol park after dark that night.

6. either a pro gamers (online gaming) league competition, or a b-boy competition

5. (for tourists) the seoul city bus tour (for people living here) the performances and demnostration in Namsangol folk village on Chusok, or at least the traditional performance in Jung-dong theater beside Deoksugung.

4. the look on a Korean's face when YOU ask THEM "where are you from?"

3. at least two UNESCO world heritage sites located outside of Seoul

2. the Korean food at a busy restaurant where you are the only person there under 60.

1. Jongmyo Park on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in summer, spring, or fall: go dancing with the old people, and watch them just hanging out.

ten things to do:

10. attend a protest, whether you agree or not (but if you disagree, shut up, and stay away from the anti-american ones, dummy.)

9. Speak gibberish to a person who wants a free English lesson. . . bonus points if you're approached whilst naked, in a sauna.

8. Get a letter to the editor or an op-ed column published in Korea Herald, Korea Times, Joongang Daily (inside the International Herald Tribune), or a magazine.

7. Dance with an ajumma. Dance LIKE an ajumma. Boat tours are somehow the best place to do this.

6. Skinny dip in a pond on a hiking mountain trail, when you're really effing hot.

5. Get away with something because you're not from around here.

4. In fresh snow, slide down the steep hills in Olympic Park's Mongchontosong Fortress on your butt. Be careful about where you do this, because some of the hillsides have jutting branches. Try the ones towards the south side, in the direction away from the Han River.

3. Play in the water fountains, either in City Hall Plaza, or Seoul Forest.

2. play gostop or yutnori with a korean family, and/or learn three Korean drinking games (sam yuk ku is a good start, as is kong kong chil bang!; at least one must involve variations on rock, scissor, paper)

1. learn to read hangul. preferably in your first month.

You can read their entire list, and listen to the podcast here.

Or you can read it here, with all the links that screwed up my post's formatting, and add to it Brian's list of cool stuff to do in Jeollanamdo.

57. Watch someone else eat live octopus

56. Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress

55. Yongsan Electronics Market

54. Convince an old man to give you a ride on his motorbike

53. Sunday at the Seoul Racecourse Park

52. Watch a pansori

51. Myeong-dong on Christmas Eve

50. Apgujeong’s Rodeo Street

49. Korean booking club

48. Go shopping at Dongdaemun Market

47. Dinosaur footprints in Goseong

46. The Island of Uido

45. Innertube down Cheonggyecheon River

44. Eat all the food samples at the Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong

43. Get kicked out of Lotte Department Store (for eating all the samples)

42. Taekwondo (

41. Crash a wedding at a wedding hall

40. Seoraksan Mountain, especially in autumn

39. Anywhere in Jeollanam-do

38. Seoul from any high place (Namsan Tower, mountain)

37. Ruefully mock a Korean child by refusing to speak in English

36. All-nighter in Hongdae

35. Bulguksa

34. Bomunsa Temple and Seokguram Grottoon Buddha’s Birthday

33. Folk Village in Suji

32. Ride a yellow bus around Namsan Mountain

31. Go on the psycho Chucky doll ride atEverland

30. Temple stay (

29. Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju

28. The DMZ

27. Eat a live octopus

26. Changdeokgung Palace

25. Get into a fight with a drunk ajosshi while eating odeng

24. Hike a mountain

23. Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy in Andong

22. Seven Luck Casino

21. Get an exfoliating skin scrub at a Jjimjilbang (Sauna)

20. Insa-dong’s hidden alleys

19. Climb over the tanks and planes at theKorean War Museum

18. Noraebang

17. DVD Bang (bring Purell)

16. PC Bang

15. National Museum in Gyeongju

14. Korea National Museum in Seoul

13. Anapji Pond at night

12. Watch a shaman ceremony

11. Submarines at Seoguipo

10. Cheonggyecheon River at night

9. Sleep in a nasty yeogwan

8. Steal a Korean flag from a lamppost onAugust 15th

7. Charcoal Sauna

6. Go fishing at the Cheonggyecheon River

5. Spend the night in a sauna

4. Woljeongsa Temple

3. The city of Gyeongju

2. Go to a country restaurant/see the countryside

1. A Korean (Jennifer said it. Don’t blame the guys.)

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