Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why did I spend all this money if I can't park my penis, I mean car, anywhere I want?

The Hyundai Genesis is the new most expensive domestic car/status symbol in Korea, meaning that, short of buying a Mercedes or BMW, effectually saying, "I'm so successful, I don't even CARE that I'm not supporting my country's economy anymore!", the Genesis is the biggest freudian compensation kit status symbol you can drive around Korea.

The sign says, according to Girlfriendoseyo, "Don't park here.  If you park here again, we'll let the air out of your tires." 

Not only is he parking where he shouldn't, but he's done it often enough to be threatened.

I'm told by students who work in the service industry that the most obnoxious customers aren't the really rich, but the upper-middle class people -- the ones who go into debt to buy the mercedes, because their neighbours have one.  The ones knocking on the door, but not quite in the club yet.  There's an old Korean saying that translates, "An empty can makes the most noise," which might apply.



Brian said...

Looks a lot more stylish than THE CHAIRMAN.

The principal and vice principal at my schools drive THE CHAIRMAN. CHAIRMEN? CHAIRMANS? Anyway, I always wondered what would happen if like the computer teacher rolled up in THE CHAIRMAN, too. Is there some kind of policy dictating that only the bosses can drive THE CHAIRMAN? They're certainly not the only ones that can afford it.

No reason for capitalizing THE CHAIRMAN, btw, it's just a lot more fun that way.

JIW said...
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Roboseyo said...

Hi, Joy. I took your address down. . . check your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

The Genesis is neither the biggest nor most expensive domestic car in Korea. That distinction (still) belongs to the Hyundai Equus, which fully loaded costs more than 94 million won and is 5.39 meters in length.

The Genesis, at just 69 million won fully loaded and 4.98 meters in length, doesn't even come close to the Equus.

Roboseyo said...

thanks for the info, anonymous; the genesis is a newer luxury car than the equus -- equus has been around for a while, and I was under the impression Genesis had been made to upstage the equus. . . I stand corrected.

Mama Nabi said...

ha, I love that sign. Hey, at least they warn you. Here, they just tow your car away. And good luck finding where your car is. AND, to get your car out, you have to pay in CASH. CASH!

My mom (who lives is Seoul) has told me that not only does she NOT want to drive in Seoul, where would she park?