Wednesday, 27 August 2008

If you're in Korea. . . (Updated)

watch Arirang TV at 8pm today. If you can, you know.

More later.


So now that they've edited the whole thing. . . I'm in there all right!

You can click on this link, and watch the first segment -- it's more about two other Korea bloggers. . . but they show my face! And my voice is in there at one point. I show up about seven minutes in, and you can distinctly hear me say, "a lot of hits on my blog are. . . "

Too bad they edited out just about everything I said, you know, because now that it's on the cutting room floor, I'll swear to high heaven I have NEVER, repeat, NEVER been more clever, insightful, and entertaining than in all that stuff they edited out. Just boil down all the not-sucky parts of my blog into nine minutes of talking, and that's what it was like, I SWEAR.


If you follow the link, you either have to sign up for the site, to get a login name and see the video on demand stuff, or if I know you personally, you can e-mail me at the address on the sidebar, and ask really nicely, and I'll e-mail you the username password I used to see it.

Zenkimchi kindly put the pertinent segment on Youtube. (Thanks, Joe.) So now you can see it here.

If you ONLY care about old Roboseyo, skip to the eight minute mark. . . but if you want to get a look at bloggers in Korea in GENERAL, watch the whole thing. Mike and Joe are worth knowing about, too.


rwellor said...

dagnabit.. I have the only cable in Korea without Arirang...

what's the scoop?

Brian said...

I was gonna write something like "oh god please don't tell me there's gonna be a close up of you smacking your lips and saying 'ma see da'" but then I saw the Metropolitician's post. I, too, am blessed to not have to endure Arirang, but I'm sure a good soul will put the episode on youtube or something soon.

Congratulations, btw.

Roboseyo said...

Actually, I did one of those last saturday night, too, but you wouldn't see an entire post about that. I'd sneak it in at the bottom, or in the side door of a post about something else.

FatManSeoul said...

Fatman is very, very worried ... please say that the Met and Expat Jane and Zen Kimchi got their deserved spotlight, and Fatman merely lurked in the back as a mysterious and sinister shadow!

Brian said...

awww, they disrespekk'n you.

congratulations, nonetheless. Interesting to put faces to the voices.