Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Back-Home Familoseyo, and Gord.

Gord Sellar completed his trilogy on "Who's Complaining in Korea" and the shocks of speedy modernity here, with a science fiction fable about the leap into post-modernity. Worth the read.  Thanks, Gord, for putting your hat in the ring.  I was glad to read it.

Wangkon has a comment worth reading up on the Marmot's Hole discussion board about this topic.

My nephew in Canada has been in and out of the hospital with different stuff . . . you can learn more about it on my sister-in-law's concise, cute, and occasionally hilarious blog, here. I'm gonna give you a few pictures:

Silas, resembling the heck out of his dad:

One milk allergic reaction later:  sick baby.

How's that for a sick baby smile?

(so I'm a proud uncle. Sue me.)

Looking about as world-weary as a four month-old can. . .

He's been in the hospital a bunch of times for one thing and another, but every time he goes home, we hope it'll stick. Until then -- he sure does seem wise beyond his months. An old soul. Maybe eight months.

My sister's baby, Aria, has had a much smoother ride so far (though the pregnancy and birth were bumpy).

My sister Deb was a beautiful pregnant woman, and now she's a beautiful mom (and an awesome lots-of-other-things, too):

Looking ready to take all comers (her dad is a really great photographer)

Not happy about the comers that done came.

all pictures from their respective blogs.

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