Thursday, 8 May 2008

Buttershug. Shutterbug. Shubbertug. Gubbershut.

Soundtrack: hit play and start reading. Mark Ronson

Just -- one of the best covers ever, of one of Radiohead's best songs.

This paintbrush monument at the top of Insadong (near Anguk Station)
reminded me of a similar Korean ink-brush in another prominent Korean monument:(Pyongyang.)

Got a haircut. Go widow's peaks!

Creepy Batman. Gives me strange thoughts.

To spur on a little more of the old "Are they or aren't they?" speculation. . . And in anticipation of the upcoming Dark Knight movie, which is gonna flippin RAWK!

A goofy T-shirt caption from "I Got Two Shoes," a blogger who collects pictures of such things.

One last poster I liked from the Beijing Olympic Torch Fiasco in Seoul, courtesy of DanB.
You never know when a building you used to use to keep your bearings might get gutted out. Ditto for restaurants you enjoyed. (From Sunday morning.) Six weeks (remodeling), or six months (new building) from now, you'll never be able to guess it hadn't been there all along.
The Bikkis randomly harassing cute girls in downtown Jongno. If they're going to treat women that way in public, I'm going to take pictures of them, I've decided. And post them. Because women deserve to be treated better than being physically grabbed and hauled into a night club. And maybe somebody (who has more influence than some weenie blogger) will see this and get upset and start complaining with me.
She's trying to get him to let go of her hand (above) and he follows her, still clutching, as she tries to walk away. (below) I really wish one of them did this to a NYC girl travelling in Seoul, and got a faceful of mace, or a knee to the groin. Or got their, and their boss's ass sued to high high heaven.

American Apparel is a popular brand among emo kids in North America. Now, at the American Apparel store in Myeongdong, you can get American Apparel pet accessories, too: in case you have an emo dog.

You can dress him in this emo dog sweater:And walk him around, dressed like this:
For those who love to resemble their pets.
I walk by this restaurant sign every morning and evening, and dear readers, I don't think I've ever seen an uglier person choose to blow up their photo as a way of making their restaurant seem more enticing. I wonder what the thinking was behind that.
I ate there once, and the very same lady served us. It was adorable: the first thing she did when we came in was make the classic "Oh shit! I don't speak English" face that I see so often when I enter a bank, convenience store, restaurant or shop, and then she scrambled around with her stumpy walk, from table to table, asking her patrons if any of them spoke enough English to help her out in taking our order.

Then I ordered in Korean (not fluently, but she got it), and everybody smiled.

Pretty good seafood stew, too.

It says gallery; I think they also sell frames here. Don't ask how I know: just call it a hunch.

Some spring pictures from Kelly Namechangedforprivacy (I blogged about her before).

These flowers are fake. Not quite as nice.
Coming to Korea: Japan's Morning Musume. . . I think this is another of those band/collectives with WAY too many members.

Korea's answer to Morning Musume is Girls Generation.
I'm telling you, for a manufactured pop band, five is the perfect number: enough to appeal to everyone, not so many that people start losing track of who's who. Oh, for the good old days when it didn't take memory exercises to learn the names of all the members of one's favourite MTV-style manufactured pop sensation.

Last weekend was one of the greatest in the history of Roboseyo. . . took about a jillion pictures, of which I'll try to only put the best half-jillion or so on the blog. . . possibly in stages, to keep stalling, while I write the first of my sidebar poll essays. I've dug into "5 Things I'd Change" but it might be a while before I'm satisfied that it's up to my usual standards (sloppy and half-assed, full of typos and sometimes even structural errors that I correct as I reread after publishing) and ready to publish.


Have a great day, dear readers!

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