Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ol' George Dubya has really earned this dressing down:

hat tip to Gord Sellar.


Read the transcript here.

Righteous outrage is fun to watch, and share.

Another interesting site my friend got me onto: Project Censored, a site devoted to publicizing, or at least noting, all the stories that governments and big businesses use their influence to bury. Yaaaay fifth column!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't so bad that out of a country of well over 300 million people, less than one third of one percent tune in to his show. The other nut, on Fox News, somehow almost gets a whopping 8/10ths of one percent to tune into his venomous spewings. These low numbers give me some hope for the future of America. The deep ends on either side of the political spectrum haven't quite pushed us over the edge yet, but it doesn't keep them from trying.

BTW, I was not the only one to find his Nazi saluting to be in very poor taste: . You can find clips of it on the web.

John from Daejeon