Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Belated Happy Mother's Day

It's been on the blog before, but it still makes me miss my mom, and my brother, every time.

From online comedians Barats and Bareta.

Four of my favourite pictures of my mom:
Jane Oprivacyhand (1952-2005)


melissa v. said...


elizabeth said...

beautiful pictures Rob.

There are some words that are not translated - panahida is one of them (nearest translation i've heard is requiem) - and in this service is sung "Memory Eternal" ... praying that God will alway remember...

Memory Eternal.

Rebecca said...

Hi Rob!
Mom loved being an Oma -- did you notice, two of the four pictures had her with grandchildren?

By the way, I think you stacked your recent poll -- how many people did you think were going to click "No, I don't vote on sidebar polls"? ;-) I could have chosen most answers -- Yes, I vote on yours, No I don't vote on strangers', and yes, it popped up annoying things (it was the gadget I had pointing to your blog, I think).

Happy Mothers' Day.