Monday, January 03, 2011

What have you been up to, Roboseyo? Wonju!

So blogging has been sparse, but it's good to fill y'all in on some of the stuff I've been doing.

Among other things...

I took a short trip out to Gangwon province with Chris in South Korea, who is a fine human being...

We went to Gossi Cave (you can read Chris's post about it here - my pictures didn't turn out as well, though I think I gave my helmet a few more nicks than him) and you can read more about the trip here.

We hit up Wonju Wife, one of my two favorite Danielles on the entire Korean peninsula (I heard there are some awesome ones in North Korea, but I bet none of them hold a candle to my two) and had some beers, and some amazing food with them in Wonju... Danielle is hella smart, and Danielle's husband Kenny is an absolute, stellar, class act of a human being too, and he's one of the sweetest husbands I've ever seen.

We also headed up to Chiak Mountain, and encountered this scene:

But we also saw this:

Chiak Mountain

Funny, obscene statues near Wonju Wife's favorite coffee shop.  No, that's not a flower vase he's holding.  It's a dick.
 And she's... yeah.
A roadside:

 At Jangneung, I took this striking of Chris Backe trying to blend into the surrounding fall colors.  He nearly matched the colors of the leaves with that shirt.


TWEffect said...

Sounds like you and Chris have a bromance going :P

Roboseyo said...

Nah. Chris has a fine bromance going on with another blogger, whom I'll not name publicly.

plus, I'm currently at the note-passing "do you like me? check the box: Yes or No" stage with another totally straight guy I know.

Bekah said...

Were you the Rob in that episode of Running Man where the cast cooked and the foreigners judged? Episode 19. I watched the episode and thought, "wow, I haven't been to Roboseyo's blog in a while. Did he get braces?"

Roboseyo said...

Yes, Bekah. That was me. And yes, I am the proud wearer of braces, for one or two more months, depending on how things work out during January.

Thanks for thinking of me.

Bekah said...

I knew I recognized you. That was a good episode. Out of curiosities sake, how was the food? Ya'll didn't say that much from what was broadcasted and since I've been following you for some time, it's almost as though I know someone who was on tv. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Oh, and I've done the braces before man. I know your pain. At least yours seem to be much more streamlined than the ones I had. T.T Mine was like I had a metal factory in my mouth.

Roboseyo said...

The food was pretty terrible... it's a good thing they are entertainers, not cooks.