Saturday, January 08, 2011

Vote for me at HiExpat!

Hi Expat, a relatively new Korea-site, which is well on its way to becoming more useful than Dave's for the info, the active job board, and especially the tone, is having a "Best K-Blog" vote.

And I was totally nominated.

So get on over there, readers, and vote for me!  (Only once, though.  Cheaters get disqualified.)

Go to this link.


TWEffect said...

Because you asked so nicely (and were the first to do) and I wasn't nominated, I gave you my vote.

Michael J said...

Hi Expat? That's great! Do they have a Hi Korean? Why is the Expats are always the Hi ones. Prejudicial!


Roboseyo said...

Go to, Michael, and you can probably find thousands of websites in Korean, for Koreans, with "Hi" in their name, and with nobody accusing them of being prejudicial.


Roboseyo said...

BTW: hope you're having an awesome new year.