Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prince on the Muppets and Old Spice Grover

So for one thing, I LOVE the muppets right now.

Remember "The man your man could smell like" - that old spice commercial? This one.

Well how about "The Monster your man could smell like" -- here's grover.

And, see, I don't know ANY artist that grows on you as much as Prince does -- the first time I listened to him, I didn't get it.  A while later, I tried again, and "Purple Rain," the epic song, was the '80s song that got me over my previous prejudice against '80s music (I hated '80s music until about 2002), and convinced me to give the rest of it a chance.  Still don't like the synth stuff-- sorry, Duran Duran, but the more you listen to prince, the more you love him.

Sign O'The Times is one of the most complete, impressive musical accomplishments in music: it was ALL done, from writing to mixing, to playing of every instrument, completely by Prince by himself, and it might be the best album of the '80s.  It's certainly in the top ten.  And here is the most charming song on that album (again, one that grows on you), with the muppets.

Other artists that grow on you?

Bob Dylan -- but strangely, he later grew off me.  Too many lyrics being deliberately obtuse - like his songs were a prank on the kinds of people who want to find meanings in them.
Tom Waits & Leonard Cohen - generally, the songwriters are the ones that do this best.
Sigur Ros - at first it seemed ludicrous to me that a band could find international success with whale sounds.  But then one day, I just kind of got it.

Artists I loved immediately:
TV On The Radio
Andrew Bird
White Stripes

and a bunch more.

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C.W. Bush said...

Ooh, Sigur Ros are good. Very chill. Definitely took a while for them to grown on me though.