Saturday, October 16, 2010

The "It Gets Better Project"

Too many kids in the USA have been committing suicide because they were overwhelmed, or bullied, about their sexual orientation.  That sucks.

But this is really cool: there's this amazing Youtube movement called "It Gets Better" - a fella named Dan Savage started this Youtube account, and opened it up, that people could post messages on there, expressing support for young homosexuals.  The main message is just that: "It gets better" - high school sucks, but somewhere beyond high school, there are people who care, who understand, who don't judge.

I've been watching these videos, and they're touching, and beautiful, and it's heartbreaking hearing story after story of humiliation and ostracization, but it's also amazing watching the whole internet come out in support.  It's lovely.

The ones that got me the most were these ones: the christians.  I grew up in a Christian home and went to a christian school, and a chrisitian university where any gays were deeply closeted, and where you had to sign a contract that, at the time, stipulated that you were not supposed to partake in homosexual practices, like the girl in the video below.  Since then, I've decided, like my friend Melissa, who was one of the first people to nudge me in this direction, that Christians are really on the wrong side in this issue.

It seems like, when you look down the line of history, at other great human rights victories, Christians have been on the ragged forefront, fighting for the disenfranchised - slavery, civil rights, women's rights -- yet this time, the religious right is the antagonist, and that grieves me.

So anyway, spread word about the "It Gets Better Project" because stuff like this reminds me of how much good the internet can accomplish, and it restores my hope in humanity just a little again.


This Is Me Posting said...

It's a great movement. Some excellent videos are on there.

C.W. Bush said...

I was trying to work a plug for this fantastic project into my last blog entry. It's just a wonderful idea. Dan Savage does a very entertaining podcast too.