Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Me on Exploring Seoul

KoreaBridge.net is a mostly Busan-based website that's trying to become a useful Korea info forum for the rest of the nation. I was asked to do an interview about getting around and seeing Seoul for them. It was fun talking about my favorite city, though every time I have to talk about it, I realize both how much, and in the end, how little I really know about this place.

Anyway, if you want to hear my take on some of the different famous districts of Seoul, or if you're looking for a basic scouting report on traveling around Seoul, it's a good place to start.



Rebecca said...

It was great to hear your voice, Rob! I can't wait until the day when you give us a tour of Seoul -- it sounds like it will be great!

Mo said...

Thanks for sharing that, some useful tips about Seoul in there (I hope to be moving to the Seoul area in June/July)!