Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Remember Before You Got Jaded About Korea?

It's good to be reminded.

from Dave's
, HT to Brian

These folks have put together a flippin' awesome trio of videos that pretty much upstages everything the Korean Tourism Organization has done in the last year.

Watch them. They catch the variety and fun of life here.

(this one includes a bit of footage from Tokyo though)

Dang! It makes me want to travel!


Chris in South Korea said...

Yeah, I'm a travel geek... Watching the videos, I'm like 'that's Seoul Station, where you transfer to line 4', that's Hongdae, that's Insa-dong, that's Cheonggyecheon near the bridge, that's Seoul Tower, that's Myeong-dong... And the soundtracks are awesome..

Unknown said...

Yess the video is really great!

One Hour more would have been great....

They should hire him to make a video for the tourist association.

He is Sparkling "lol"