Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back in Korea!

Hey there all. You missed your chance to loot my apartment: I'm back in Korea, after a pretty epic trip. The plane from Toronto to Tokyo hit a snag: the incoming flight was late, so they turned over the cabin a little too quickly, and forgot to drain the sewage tanks. By about halfway through the flight, half the toilets in the cabin weren't flushing, and by the end of the flight, only two or three were, and poop-smell started filling the cabin.

Meanwhile, I managed to stock up on all the items I really needed, including three nice pairs of pants that fit my butt properly, as pants made for Canadian butts do.

Plus, in keeping with my zombie theme all through June, I found a great new title at Wendel's bookstore in Fort Langley: Pride and Prejudice...And Zombies!
It's hilarious, because the comedy of manners remains just as mannered as ever, but the art of being a refined and accomplished person of taste now suddenly encompasses the proper, ladylike manner of holding a killing sword, and the art of musketry carries as much weight as being well-versed in the modern languages.

I'll be cluttering up these pages with a few reflections of some of the interesting posts I've been unable, or uninclined to comment on during my vacation, and also a lot of pictures, so stay tuned. I'm back.

And, coming soon: my Bollywood kick!



앤디오빠 said...

Now that you're back, do you have at "quarantine" yourself for a week? Since you probably caught Swine Flu, since you weren't eating kimchi for a while and are a foreigner and went to a country that isn't Korea :p

The Sanity Inspector said...

Welcome back. I just got back home to Atlanta from a month in Gwangju. Wonderful trip...

Charles Montgomery said...


It's not just to:

• prove how inutterably cooler than you I am.

• Nor is it just to pimp my own blog.

• Nor is it to demonstrate that I am the blood on the cutting edge.

To note that I spotted and reviewed "Pride and Prejudice...And Zombies!" some months ago for 10 Magazine Asia

Instead, it is my way of welcoming you back to Korea.

Well, you know, my psychopathic and self-centered way.


Welcome back.

Have a nap.

Then get to blogging!

X said...

Welcome to Korea!

Brian said...

Rob, I've missed your blog. Here's hoping you take a little time away from the Hub and ATEK crap and more time on this end.

melissa v. said...

miss you already

Roboseyo said...

andy: no quarantine, thank goodness: I was worried about it, too, because the day before I left from Toronto's Pearson Int. Airport, the news reported a person in Toronto whose swine flu was resistant to drugs, and I transfered in Narita, Tokyo, where those other foreign teachers contracted it.

T.S.I.: Thanks.

Charles: You must be cooler than me, then. The fact one of us measures our coolness in blog popularity is a pretty sure indicator that it's not hard to out-cool me.

Brian: Thanks. Will do.

Melissa: Miss you too. Wish I could have had three more days with you and your boys.

Charles Montgomery said...



I absolutely *don't* measure myself in blog popularity as I get almost no hits. ;-)


Still, welcome back!