Saturday, November 10, 2007

Help me, help me, he-he-he-he-he-help me!

This is number one in Korea right now, or close.

The girls are high school age, and all I'll say is. . .

if Simon Cowell saw this, and was then told they were number one in Korea, the universe would probably explode.

Tell Me by the Wonder Girls. Listen to the quality of their vocals (at least we know it's not lip-synching, another common occurrence here), and the choreography (I think they invented the dance craze -- and it IS becoming a dance craze here -- at a slumber party).

David Hasselhoff likes them.

Here are some girls of a little higher caliber. Not sure about their vocal chops, but I'd take them over the Wonder Girls.

Yeah. It's a good thing Cowell and his cronies aren't over here in Korea making all the pop stars cry like this dude did: It'd be full-on K-pop-calypse!

anyway, imagine walking by that first song, playing out of 30% of the shops at any given time, every day on the way home from work. Like, EVERY day. (see title again)

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melissa v. said...

Thanks for taking down the word verification!! Awesome. I read your blog EVERY DAY and love you lots, even if I don't always comment.
Miss you.
How's life?