Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thanks, Readers, and HiExpat.com: Third in Popular K-blog Poll

I got third place in the "Favorite K-blog" poll that HiExpat just ran, which means I'll be winning a big heaping plate of ribs from memphis bar.  Yaaay!

I'm a fan of Hi Expat: I think it's a really good site that's trying hard to become a more positive and useful place for expats to hang out.  The job board is surprisingly active.  I met Dan, one of the people running the site last year, when I won an iPod touch for a restaurant review contest they had... I'm still using it, more and more.

So Thanks guys.

And seriously, add HiExpat to your bookmarks.  They're pretty good people, trying to add something positive to the Korea internets.

Well done, folks!