Monday, 18 October 2010

Deep Thoughts: Vlog Idea?

I've been batting around the idea of starting a vlog, or video blog, here at Roboseyo.

What say you, readers?

Here is a little teaser of some of the insightful, thoughtful commentary you might come to expect, should roboseyo start a regular video-blog.

Deep thoughts with Roboseyo:



kissmykimchi said...

Well, the most important aspect of vblogging is of course looking good on camera. So, congratulations! I say go for it!

Eat Your Kimchi said...

Vblogs are so lame.

Roboseyo said...

@eat your kimchi "Vblogs are so lame" -- yeah, one of my main goals was to avoid becoming like YOU two.

btw do you have any advice?

um.... for me NOT to follow?

Eat Your Kimchi said...

Advice: do it. I think people are always more interested in watching videos than reading. And videos are more fun to make!

Problem is, they take a lot more time than plain old writing. Video importing, editing, exporting, and uploading can take all day.

Anyhow, I've got tons of things to say about it. Send me an email if you're interested.

Foreigner Joy said...

Go for it. I get my music via a site called Jamendo.

Start making them and pick up on what makes it popular then do more of that.

:) Happy vlogging!

Anonymous said...

In terms of interest, I was glued to that video for 100% of the length. Perfect timing.

-There was the introduction (your face)
-The climax (your teeth)
And just as I was going to look ended.

Way to keep me entertained haha.

adamgn said...

I have a hard time with vlogs... I prefer getting my info through reading... and you're such a good writer.

I find that I never actually watch my vlog's when they come through my reader... either because I'm in a place I can't watch, or (to be honest) I don't want to give 2-10 dedicated minutes to a video.

WIth reading I can stop and start at will... if my boss comes in, I can switch back and forth...

Of course, this video is great... I just think I'd be more likely to read than to listen. But, I appear to be in the minority...

chiam said...

I very much hope your blog does not go 100% vblog. In all honesty (when am I not brutally honest?) I hate vblogs. In the time that it takes you to say what you want to say, I could have finished reading two or three written posts. I read your blog on the bus, at work, or when I don't/can't have the sound on. I didn't even press play on your "sample".

In fact, I wish you'd spend the time it would take to get a vblog going switching this blog to a wordpress blog. Decent themes, good css, and useful widgets go a long way.

gwern said...

I would second Chiam. Text has so many advantages - it can be easily processed by all sorts of computer tools like search engines, but also can be piped to a text reader (for the blind) or simply be read as is (for the deaf/hard-of-hearing).

Do you plan on using the videos for something that could *only* be done via video? Then more power to you. But from the sound of it, you aren't.

C.W. Bush said...

It certainly opens you up to a broader audience - as would a podcast. It's something I'll look into further down the road.

Roboseyo said...

Without extensive market research, here's the way I've sussed the situation out:

1. my foreign readers like writing.
2. my Korean friends don't read my blog, because "yongeo manhda" - too much English.

Without posting three times a day and pontificating on tons of news headlines, my blog has pretty much reached its ceiling - I'd rather not go the headlines route, because I prefer two good posts a week to fifteen ones where I'm mostly recycling points I've made before.

So the other area I can expand the blog is by aiming at a Korean audience who knows a little English, and doesn't like the walls of text. Eat Your Kimchi hits this market beautifully: short, entertaining videos with subtitles, that allow their Korean readers with their super-fast internet connections to watch something fun, and practice listening to a native speaker.

I wouldn't be hitting up the same topics as EYK - I'd probably be distilling some of my commentary posts into short videos instead - but if I keep the English simple enough, I think it could find an audience of Koreans looking for ways to practice their English, in the same way they read The Korea Times. It would bring readers to Roboseyo and send my ideas out into the Korean populace a little more effectively than these walls of text do.

Of course I'll keep writing for my non-broadband and non-patient-enough-for-video and non-reading-my-blog-in-places-where-they-can-turn-the-volume-up readers.

Eat Your Kimchi said...

I'd love to see a video blog dealing with the more serious issues. We don't really do serious videos. The best we do is an artsy fartsy movie rarely, but that's for more artsy value, rather than political commentary.

I think what would be a good balance for you is to have the video blog going and a transcript below, so that your readers stay satisfied and your viewers get something as well.

I also second chiam on the wordpress issue. I moved over from Blogger to Wordpress and freaking love it.

Roboseyo said...

When I have the time, I'll move the blog over... I have a few other, more pressing things on the to-do list right now. I did buy the rights to a while ago, but haven't done much with it yet.

Charles Montgomery said...

Good thing you didn't marry a gynecologist!

Roboseyo said...

I have no idea what you mean, Charles.

Brian said...

That sounds interesting, Rob (your explanation). Just as long as you type out the occassional post for people with really awesome English like me.