Saturday, 12 June 2010

Took a few pictures

Took this picture out a building window on the day I ate pork poop-chute with Zenkimchi Joe.  (I was on TV, too... one of my students spotted me.)


Took this picture in a gardenny place near Ilsan, when I was out with the In-laws-to-be.

Also, took this picture at HUFS one night: they were setting up for a big festival.  The hanging umbrellas are a neat effect.


They also strung a walkway up with colored yarn.  This was a little inconvenient (especially for tall people), but it looked cool.

Took this picture at Tapgol Park during the Buddha's Birthday Lantern Festival: bumped into Chris in South Korea, and was wildly entertained by The Lady in Red (who's my second favorite K-blogger's Other Half right now, topped only by Girlfriendoseyo, of course).  Buddha's Birthday remains my favorite Korean Holiday, and the best party in downtown Seoul.  I've written blissfully about it before.

and I took this picture at the Chunggyecheon with my friend Kelly NameChangedForPrivacy, on Erection Day (haw haw haw)


Bob said...

I know this isn't really all that relevant, but is that first picture of Haebangcheon main road looking towards Namsan? Were you in one of the towers near Kyongnidan? Or am I out to lunch? Thanks.

Roboseyo said...

Sure, your question's relevant.

If that were the road, wouldn't I have to be floating about 50m above the Youngsan Army Base to get that shot?

No, it wasn't there. It was looking across the street out one of the windows of a tall building near Lotte Cinema in Hongdae.

dokebi said...

are they so-called high dynamic range photos? they're very nice

1st one's my favorite

Roboseyo said...

I put my camera on "night" setting - if that means dynamic range, cool; I'm pretty sure it just means a low aperture and a longer exposure. It was hard to hold the camera still long enough for some of them.

My camera's a Nikon p5100 - in case you wanted to know.

Roboseyo said...

also, thanks.

Bob said...

I see. Thanks.