Friday, June 18, 2010

Web Site Story

Nope, it's not about Korea, but Collegehumor made a video a while ago called "Web Site Story" that's all about our favorite websites.  (Warning: if you're not an internet nerd, you might miss some of the jokes).  Nerdy, but great -- West Side Story happens to be, along with "Singin' In The Rain," my favorite musical (yes, I have a favorite musical.  Deal with it.)  If you want to increase your nerd rating, you can also go through this list of the 100 most iconic viral videos.  You can find out your nerdity rating by counting how many of these videos you've already seen, plus half a point for each video you stop to watch while you go through the list.  My score is embarrassingly high.

One more for good measure: search the internet the same way you watch World Cup Football Games.

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