Friday, 2 April 2010

Two lists: Tough calls, each. What's the Funniest Movie Cameo Ever?

Instead of leaving that big steaming pile of unhappy that is "Passion Five Sucks Donkey Dong" on the top of my page, I'm going to put this:

OK, readers. It was a joke. I'm not really the new Korean, and I'm not really quitting Roboseyo. Serious.

But It was one of the better April Fools' pranks I've played, not least because it's more fun to collaborate on a prank than to do it alone: this was all The Korean's idea, though I did the write-up.

So, here are the favorite April Fools' Pranks I've personally done, in approximate order:

1. Coming out and admitting to my family that I've converted to Buddhism. Led to a very serious, very concerned phone call from Poposeyo. Also satisfying because 18 months later, I got another comment from someone ELSE who was also convinced.
2. I'm actually The Korean
3. Coming into my classes on April 1st at the school where I used to work, looking dejected, and telling my students "Sorry, but I took home the tests you wrote for your classes yesterday, and then I lost them... I'm sorry but you have to write them again." (the looks on their faces; the dismay in their voices. So evil! So gratifying!)
4. Writing up D-war as the best Korean movie ever.

And here's the other list I've been thinking about this week. Tell me if you agree or disagree, and tell me what I missed. To avoid wrecking the surprise, I won't name who it is, just in case somebody hasn't seen the movie. It's so much more delightful if it's a surprise.

Greatest Stars Playing Themselves in a Movie Cameo:

1. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie - and before you take issue with this one as number one, go watch the movie. There was no reason to choose THAT star to play this role, but it added a whole other level to the movie, and all the students (and teachers) in my Kindergarten class looked over and went "What's so funny, Rob Teacher?" SO unexpected.
2. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
3. Zombieland
4. Annie Hall (the argument in the ticket lineup)
5. Happy Gilmore (the celebrity golf tournament. Howl!)
6. The Hangover

And what am I missing, Readers? I feel like Tom Jones, or William Shatner have done something that deserves to be ranked.


Anonymous said...

did the hangover play in theaters in korea? do a lot of american movies play there or is it just summer blockbuster movies?

Roboseyo said...

a lot of movies do, but movies with certain kinds of content get buried, and some of them, you have to be really smart, on top of things, and visit websites, and be ready to catch art films and such at the right moment, because some films only make it for a couple of weekends.

One funny thing pointed out by The Grand Narrative (sorry: can't find the link now) is that a lot of art films promote themselves in Korea according to which stars have nude scenes.