Wednesday, 30 September 2009

One sad and one weird...

Looks like (or at least, one can wish) the "I was drunk" defense is losing traction in Korean courts and, more importantly, in the court of public opinion (because the law will, eventually, follow the ethos of the people). This guy did such horrible things to a little girl, that I don't even want to type them out, or I'll have to wash my hands for ten minutes, but netizens are FURIOUS that he only got 12 years. I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time Korean netizens (whom you can hate for other reasons, at other times, but occasionally get things right) have decided "I was drunk. I had a hard life" is no longer enough to qualify for clemency.

in other news, it'd be interesting to study the relationship between netizen and public opinion in Korea, compared with other countries, as well as to compare the level of reporting on netizen "gusts of popular opinion" with the level other countries' media report on netizen opinion shifts.

In less ghastly (or at least, ghastly in a funny way) news: the band HAM (yes, that's right. Ham). Has an uplifting song for you about putting away your sorrows... but instead of forgetting your sorrows by going "DOOOOWNTOOOOWN" as Petula Clark advised, they suggest you should do the "Tee-Tee Dance" (which sound an awful lot like the "Titty Dance"), from the emoticon T.T, which is supposed to look like a pair of crying eyes.

It's a cute, uplifting song with an uninspired video, and the band (which is new) has added a new item to the list of items you can put on your K-pop video bingo list: "Shaking the video camera as a substitute for dancing ability" which goes along with "strobelight as a substitute for dancing ability" on the list of fudgeing effects.

Watch for the asian poses in the last third of the video.

Anyway, Brian and a few other people pointed out this video yesterday, and I'm not sure if I was disappointed or relieved that "Do the Titty Dance" didn't mean something a bit more like this:

(or this)

...or maybe this

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