Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Memo to People Putting Up Signs for "Live Jazz Show" outside their coffee shop/bar:

1. If Maroon 5 appears on your "jazz" band's set list, it probably isn't jazz.
2. If Celine Dion or Mariah Carey appears on your "jazz" band's set list, it definitely isn't jazz. Just write "live music" on the signboard instead of live jazz, KTHX.

I have a longer post on Korean music coming up, thanks to some comments made by Gomushin Girl and Samedi on this post, but you'll just have to wait, because 1. my good computer's internet isn't working, so I'm writing this on my crappy backup, and need to go out and take care of this, and 2. it's far to lovely a day to stay in and blog.

In other Korean music news: have I told you about OrienKorean's music channel on Youtube? Great place to find out about Korean indie music.

and in "help a sister out" news: Foreigner Joy has a friend who needs a stopgap teacher either in, or able to go to the bundang area to fill in while she deals with a family crisis back in the US. See Joy's post for more info.

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