Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Any Jeonju Tips?

Hey there. Planning a trip to Jeonju soon. Anybody got any tips about places to eat or things to do?


The Western Confucian said...

Do I have a tip for you? Here it is — Missa Cantata in Jeonju Diocese, South Korea.

Anonymous said...

The Jeonju Hanok Village immediately springs to mind. Other places worth visiting might be Paper Craft Studio Jidam and Pungnammun

For places to eat, it might be worth checking out this page from The Jeonju Hub. Seems "Ga Jok Hwe Gwan" got a good review on their site, and Hsin-Hsin (a blogger from Taiwan) mentions it as well. If I track down anything else I'll be sure to let you know.

(My favorite Korean soccer club is based in Jeonju, but after our talk a couple weekends back I get the impression that won't be high on your list of 'things to do' ...!)

Anonymous said...

I know the great place to eat! The restaurant name is "Hankukgwan(한국관)". I'm sure almost people in Jeonju know here. I go here everytime when I visit Jeonju. They serve Bibimbap, and it's great! This is the number: 063-272-9229. It's near to Jeonju Sports Complex.

Rob said...

Here are a few posts from my blog about Jeonju.




There are few articles on my other blog too


I live in Jeonju so feel free to ask for anything else you need.


Anonymous said...

Also have a look at Jeonju's expat site:


ajumma said...

Visited the Jeonju Traditional Cultural Centre. Great for experiencing Korean crafts and customs, though I suspect the place caters more readily to tour groups than individuals. Had lots of fun learning making bibimbap and playing the traditional drum ( pre-arranged by tour leader).

City buses include: 21, 72, 73, 82, 83, 84, 92. 99, 100, 111, 131, 132, 139, 140
Check out website: www.jtculture.or.kr
Would appreciate your constructive feedback on my blog - http://ajummasjournal.blogspot.com
Happy trails!