Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thunder and Lightning

When I was a little kid, I lived in Southern Ontario, where summer evening thundershowers are a common occurrence. After bedtime, which was when they happened, the thunder used to wake me up, and I'd stand on the bed headboard, poke my head under the curtains, and look out at the skyline and empty land behind our house (before it all got developed into suburbs) and watch the lightning flash on the farmland on the other side of the lake.

To this day I love thunder and lightning storms, almost as much as they frighten one clan of my cousins, who inherited a pretty sharp fear of thunder from their mom.

we been having thunder and lightning storms in the early morning around Seoul this week, and I've been tempted to get out of bed and point my camera out the window, in hopes of getting something like this. Yeh. Supercool.


ok korea said...

aw man, i must be sleeping through them.

Anonymous said...

I just arrived in Seoul five days ago, and the thunder this morning was like nothing I'd ever heard back in Australia. It was so CRACKLY and awesome I didn't even recognise it as thunder - I thought it was a gas explosion or North korean artillery or something.

Deb said...

I used to do the exact same thing from the next bedroom over. I LOVE thunder & lightening, and miss it out here. It's one of my favourite things to see when we visit Ontario