Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Birds and the Bees and The Rocks and the Bee Man

Life cycle of an inflatable advertising sign:


Fully extended. (source)

Add dancing girls.  Pretty ones if possible.

Then suddenly, you have baby inflatable signs.  It's all very mysterious, little grasshopper.

In other news. . .  spotted this "Travel Korea" ad next to the CNN Election news.
A little closer up:Now sure, they could have said, "How about your vacation" which would have even MORE awkwardly told us, "This ad was conceived and written in Korean, and a native English speaker may never have been consulted during any step in the process of creating it, except as a token whose advice we don't follow" but the fact is, native English speakers pretty much never use the question, "What about your..." to introduce new conversation topics.  "What about" is used to explore a different aspect of a topic already under discussion.  On the other hand, my Korean students love to start sentences with "What about" or "How about," whether it's appropriate English usage or not.  Then again, given that the ad was up on CN-freaking-N Online, I don't think they're trying to convince Korean esl students to travel to Seoul. . . in which case. . . 

In other Korean ad news: spotted on the wall of a restaurant in Damyang: (warning: adult content)  turns out Michaelangelo's David was a playa!

Also from the Damyang bus terminal: "Hey Minji!  Do you mind if I set up my prune operation in this corner of your shop?"
"Well, Mom, I WAS going to put up a shelf of munchies and other kinds of snacks to SELL there."
"But my house is too small, and these plums smell really strongly when they start fermenting.  Please?"
"Uhh... OK whatever, Mom."

And finally, the payoff you've been waiting for...

When you want to say "I'd DIE for this cause!" (and there are people who probably would here in Korea) there's a new way to express yourself:

Un-subtle (warning: gross)

More subtle:
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dokdo Cigarettes!

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