Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Where I'm going this weekend...

The Andong Mask Festival, in Kyungsan Province, is pretty famous, and if you need to get out of Seoul, wouldn't be a bad idea.

Korea has a long tradition of Mask Dancing, and you can see some of it, and hear all the old traditional instruments.

And get out of the city, eh?

If you're not Korean, you can even set your goal to be this guy:

And possibly be featured on Arirang TV or Chosun Online (who love following white people around with cameras).

More information here.

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Brian said...

I was interviewed by MBC at the Hahoe (sp?) Village in Andong back in February, 2007. Yes, they do love their white people there.

Andong kind of got on my nerves, but I guess it's not a bad city. I was impressed that the woman at the tourist information desk at Hahoe Village spoke English. Also, I was glad that they had maps available at the tourist information booth outside Andong Station that showed where to catch the buses to all the major attractions.