Sunday, 14 September 2008

So, I'm on the Seoul Podcast

The Seoul Podcast is a podcast about Korea and the interesting/goofy stuff that goes on here, run by Joe McPherson, also known as Zenkimchi. Last week, I was the featured guest on the podcast, and we talked about the complaining expats topic, and went through some recent news items and goofy happenings here in Korea. The first hour especially, where we talk about complaining expats and people leaving nasty comments on webpages, is interesting, I think. However, I'd have to give this podcast a pg-13 rating for some of the joking that goes on -- if you don't like locker room talk, you might want to skip minutes 72 through 80 -- bit of dirty joking in there, prompted by a weird article about bumsecks from some Korean paper or another.

However, you can hear what I think about this and that, and I think the podcast is mostly entertaining: we laughed a lot while recording it. It was cool being on the show, and I met Joe a little while ago; he's a nice guy, so this is all good.

Have a listen if you like, and order one of the Dokdo T-Shirts if you like.


The Korean said...

it sucks that I can't hang out and talk about these things as well.

Roboseyo said...

would have been cool to have you on there, The Korean.

Brian said...

You did a nice job. You're a good panelist. Hope for many returns.