Saturday, 6 September 2008

Roboseyo's First Caption Contest

HT to Korea Beat

funniest caption wins.


Foreigner Joy said...

Today's English lesson children is discuss what we did last weekend.

Ok, first!

Anonymous said...
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Roboseyo said...

Hey buddy. If you're not even going to sign a name to it, leave the dirty stuff over at Marmot's Hole; my grandmother reads this blog.

For now, here was the funniest clean one:

"Punishment is harsh for those that forget to bring their drum."

Anonymous said...

Fine. Sorry Grandma, I didn't know you read this blog.

The Raelians, having lost their last female member, decide to try a different tact to recruit new members.

Sonagi! Come back! We're sorry!
And there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes.

the Korean said...

The Day Mad Cow Protesters were Vindicated.

Andy M said...

Can just imagine the guy on the cart in the aviators saying "I'm fine, and you?" *^^*

jj said...

"Because 6 foot white dudes with blonde hair don't get enough attention here already, I'll take my clothes off and have my frat buddy drag me around on sleigh with only an apron on."