Tuesday, 6 May 2008

From the "Hire a Proofreader, you Dumb-nut!" files. . .

Also: found an ice cream shop advertising not 31 flavours, like some dumb chains we know about. . . But in the textbook definition of one-upmanship, these folks boasted thirty-two flavours!

Take that, you dirty Buskin Rubbers!

I'm trying to imagine the scene where they brainstormed this idea.
"What are the two things you love the most?"
"Beer and anything."
"Try again."
"Uhh, sausage and bacon."
"Hmm. I think we're onto something. . . "

In case you thought sausage, or bacon, couldn't get any LESS healthy, here comes street food to prove you wrong!

Working on my next substantive post. Until then, I'll be posting pictures from my amazing last weekend and randomness from the weeks before, to tide you over.

PS: Thanks, Brian in Jeollanamdo for the blog props. Right back at ya!

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