Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The final showdown, and some slightly, but not really naughty pictures:

First question: what is Hilary proving by staying in the race any longer? I mean, other than screwing her rival and fracturing the party to vindicate her ego?

So in my Kimcheerleaders post, I mentioned the Stephen Colbert - Rain psuedo-feud, where ballot box stuffers stymied Stephen Colbert's coronation as the most influential person of 2007 (or was it 06?) He created a video that basically mocked Rain's style, to which Rain responded, "I saw your video. . . don't quit your day job" (Can't find the video. Sorry.) Colbert responded the best way he knows how: by challenging Rain to a dance-off.

Hilarity, of course, ensued.

Other stuff that made me laugh recently:

(soundtrack: Nat King Cole - hit play and start reading)


Girlfriendoseyo made these out of Vietnamese Noodle sweet and sour sauce.
A case of poor planning: Placing a motion-sensor-activated hand-dryer close enough to the urinal that it activates while a fella's trying to drain his main vein is a bad idea.

One ends up trying to find creative postures which allow for both accuracy and dry footwear.

Must have been cold in the mannequin factory that day.
Back to sexy soju ads. . . the post-coitality of this smile actually shocked me the first time I saw it. Her name, according to the lady in the restaurant, is Gu Ye-Seon (구 예선), but I can't confirm that.

Nerd humour:Wow.

For those who knew him: I don't know where I stumbled across this picture, but doesn't he look just like my old university buddy Jon?
The middle school girls in this window saw Girlfriendoseyo and me walking down an alley beside their building and did the usual middle-school-girls-with-their-friends thing: started shouting and caterwauling all the English they knew, "Hello! Nice to meet you! How are you! I love you! You handsome guy! Where are you from!" (hollering those phrases at any white person they see, quite frankly, reminds me of when I lived in Canada and I'd shout "MOO!" out the car window as we drove by a herd of cows on the highway). Then, when they noticed Girlfriendoseyo and I were holding hands, one of them started singing "L-O-V-E" (the song you're listening to right now) which must have been on a movie soundtrack here or something -- it's a well known song and even a popular ring-tone. Anyway, the ballyhoos kind of annoyed me, but the song made me laugh, so I took their picture while Girlfriendoseyo wanted to disappear around a corner as quickly as possible.

There they are:
Probably still shouting "Hello" "I love you" or "Where are you from" even as I take the picture.

Nice thought, but that wheelchair ramp needs work. (itaewon)
from Feetmanseoul, a fashion style you can ONLY find in Korea:

from XKCD, my favourite online comic:

Warning: if you don't like bad words, don't read past this point on the post. Sorry, Opa and Oma. Hoped you liked that comic. (bad word warning--my grandparents think putting swears on my blog is not like me, so I'll at least give them a heads' up. This time.)

A friend pointed out these trees
and told me that when she was in middle school, she called them "Fuck You Trees", because the way they grow makes it look like a raised middle finger. I was going to post a picture to help illustrate the similarity, but decided against it.

There's a restaurant behind City Hall called BMF, for Beer Meets Food.

The only problem is, anybody who enjoyed the movie "Pulp Fiction" knows that B.M.F. stands for the words embroidered into Jules' wallet in that movie: Every time I see the sign for the restaurant, which I pass on the way to Quiznos, one of my favourite lunch places, I giggle inside.

Still working on those serious posts.

take it easy, o blogosphere!

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