Monday, 28 April 2008

Possibly the worst person in the world...and some race-relations satire to balance it out.

It's like somebody took a checklist of awful/disgusting/taboo things and made a news story about it. All that's missing, really, is cannibalism.

Read here.

At least the people in my next post have mob mentality to partially explain how they went so far.

To balance out that big, heaping pile of disgusting, here's something funny.

You've all heard of the site "stuff white people like" -- one that satirizes the insularity of upper-middle-class white North American privilege (see also black people love us and rent a negro for a bit of satire along the same lines) -- boil all these sites together and you might end up with something like this (warning: sound starts automatically).

Well, here is my personal favourite answer to the "Stuff White People Like" viral (that site is going around the internet like mad these days, along with a few responses like "stuff white parents like" and "stuff everyotherethnicgroupyoucanimagine like" click here for a list of google results).

Stuff Stick Figure People Like
. And my favourite thing stick people like: the Sistine Chapel


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