Saturday, September 25, 2021

Michael Spavor is Free

Michael Spavor, one of the two Canadian men who was arbitrarily arrested in China as retaliation for Canada detaining Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou, has been freed as Canada released Meng Wanzhou from house arrest and she returned to China.

He was recently in the news for receiving an 11 year prison sentence from a Chinese court.

I am not interested in discussing the nuances and politics of the issue right now, but here's what I know:

Michael Spavor is a good guy who didn't deserve this. I've met him a few times, and a few of my friends consider him a close friend. He's just spent 1000 days unfairly detained.

Michael's life has been horribly disrupted. whatever he had going on at the time of his arrest, who knows what the future holds for him, but I hope he finds something brilliant.

You can hear some of Michael's friends talking about him here on The Seoul Podcast, and what it means for him to have been imprisoned for so long. 

You can also drop a few bucks in the "Help Michael Spavor Rebuild his Life" GoFundMe page, if you'd like to contribute something more tangible.

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