Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Survey 2: Survey for Multi-ethnic Koreans in Korea

Hi everyone. As part of my ongoing work studying and writing about multiculturalism in Korea, I've created a pair of surveys. The data collected is anonymous, and it will be used in future work about multiculturalism in Korea.

Right now, I'm focusing on "multi-racial" or "multi-ethnic" Koreans -- people living in Korea who have one, but not two, Korean parents. I've looked before, and will be looking at other groups of various types of Korean heritage, at different times.

This is a survey for multi-ethnic people.
Do you have one parent who is Korean, but not two?
Do you live in Korea?
(Or did you live in Korea for a significant amount of time?)

Please take ten minutes to fill out this survey: it'll help me a lot. Or take 20 minutes and answer the optional questions, too.

If you have friends who are multi-ethnic Koreans who do, or have, lived in Korea, please send this link on to them as well. (Or if the embedded form below isn't working... click on this link) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZPKhckiFWboZ4e_6JsCY_MhCtEssokCZbpqbcX9W2Ys/viewform

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