Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays from Roboseyo 2012

Hi, all.

I hope you all had a merry christmas (or whatever you prefer to call it), and that you're gearing up for a great 2013. My Christmas was full of sick -- the baby, the wife, the mom-in-law and I all took turns on the toilet/change table this christmas. So the best I can say is that most of us are now on the mend, and I hope your Christmas was better than ours.

And new-years is coming, with the new-year reviews...

and of course a 2012 pop music mash-up (along with year-end best of lists, one of my favorite things about the winding down of an old year)

2012 has not been as prolific as previous years at Roboseyo... but I'd like to hope that (for the most part) the quality has increased while the quantity decreases.  Does that make up for SUCH a decrease? Well, dear readers, I sure hope you've done something else with your time than sit by the computer hitting "refresh refresh refresh" waiting for new Roboseyo... maybe get some exercise.

Anyway, as a look back on the year... here are the most popular Roboseyo posts of 2012, in order:

Most popular... by a TON, and one of the five most popular posts on the blog ever:
The Blackface post

Also WAY above the others... thanks, I think, to the love/hate on tumblr:
Hyuna + Ajosshi fans are bullshit

Remember that racist MBC ad?

the Stupid, Sexist Adoption Law (very interesting comments below it... including one VERY recent one)

The one about K-boys... for which I still owe a retraction

SNSD on Letterman

perhaps anachronistic now but.... American kids hate Kpop

continue being excited about... CLASSIC KOREAN MOVIES ON YOUTUBE!

this year's April Fools' prank... which I'm still answering for

my announcement of All The Korea Blogs: the new big K-blog aggregator

ho-hum another North Korean missile launch.  (cut and paste it for the one this december as well)

And a few that didn't make the years' top ten, but of which I'm proud:

Ahn Cheol-su shouldn't (have) run for president.
my return from exile: "How (president elect) Park Geun-hye can Revitalize Korean Politics"
Seoul Sucks for Bike Commuters
Now that ATEK is dead, what kind of organization should replace it?

Old stuff also popular this year:

that dumb Visit Korea Ad

my mom's eulogy

don't do pot in Korea. Stupid.

the Ni-ga post that ruffled feathers.

the classic complaining expat post

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Roboseyo said...

wow I just found your blog. greetings from singapore!
plan to visit korea this year. big running man fans.