Monday, October 29, 2012

Ali, Shin Joong-hyun, and new Korean artists doing old Korean music...

It's no secret that I REALLY like Shin Joong-hyun, one of Korea's original rock'n'roll badasses.

And I LOVE his signature song 미인, which takes the sounds of that majestic Korean chanting and call-and-response sound that you hear in traditional performances, and lays a blistering guitar lick over it... and makes it really, really work...

I generally like what I've seen of Ali (알리), the singer who does this version. She can actually sing, and she's sexy in the way real people are sexy, not in the way Kpop stars or cardboard cutouts are sexy.

Ali does a version of Shin's song here - I saw it on TV this weekend... and I liked it.

It goes in three movements, laying out, in a way, three of the features of Shin Joong-hyun's original song -- the primal wail of sexual energy turns into a slinky come-on in the first part, the messy fun of Korean folk culture (which animates the vocals of Shin's original version) somes out (to varying degrees of effectiveness) in the second part [in my opinion, the rap section could have been dropped], but I liked the samulnori bit (the part with ribbons on hats and Korean drums) and then flying with the energy charge of psychadelic rock and roll at the end.

I like that young Korean artists are listening to older Korean music, and bringing it to a new generation.

The Wondergirls also did a version of Mi-in as well, with the (slightly dirty sounding) name "Me, In"

And let's not forget Big Bang doing Lee Mun Sae: Sunset Glow

the original

Oh, BTW... in 2006, Shin Joong-hyun still had it... I mean, REALLY had it:

Enjoy the music, readers.


Roboseyo said...

Younha also covered Sunset Glow on I Am A Singer 2.a few days ago.

Roboseyo said...

I like the work that Shin Joong Hyun did with Kim Choo Ja, that was some pretty cool psychedelic stuff. Aillie is pretty awesome too. I like to watch the teenage music programs the come on the weekends. As crappy as the majorety of K-pop is, you really have to hand it to the performers for being willing to give at least three live televised concerts a week. It is pretty good for the music fans. Compare that to MTV which rarely even plays music anymore....or it didn't when I left the states seven years ago. Anyway, I remember when Aillie debuted earlier this year, because her song "Heaven," just cut through all of the other bullshit, and it was like blao, some hardcore Beyonce just hitting everyone in the face.

Roboseyo said...

But the lady doing the cover is not Ailee, who just debuted this year but Ali (알리) who debuted in 2009 and sings very different music.

Roboseyo said...

Was it better than Big Bang?