Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sigh. Do I HAVE to write about Jenny Hyun?

So Jenny Hyun is a person I never heard of before, and she wrote some racist things.
Write-up. Write-up.

I usually don't write about Korean-American or Asian-American things.

Because I'm not Korean, I'm not American, and I'm certainly not Korean-American. Where those discussions intersect with questions of Korean identity and Korea expat identity, it interests me, and I link "I Am Koream" on my sidebar because it's related often enough...

but since everyone's writing about Jenny Hyun's racist tweets, I guess I will, too:

Is Jenny Hyun a typical Korean-American? No.
Is she a typical Korea-Korean? No.
Has she lived in Korea? Not that I've gathered so far.
Do her tweets say anything about Korea? No.
Do her tweets show us anything about how Korea Koreans feel about black people? No.
Do her tweets show us anything about how Korean Americans feel about black people? No.
Is there any reason I should care about her racist dumb comments more any other set of racist dumb comments? No. And hers even less than the other trolls racists and dumbasses, who are more likely to have been in control of themselves when they write their drivel.
Is this going to kill the Korean wave in America? No.
Should Girls' Generation or Chocolat continue to employ her? No.
Should Ms. Hyun have a twitter account if she knows this is one of the ways her mental condition manifests? No.
Last I heard, the situation is being explained as a possible schizophrenic episode... and should I get my knickers in a knickerbocker over words that are nothing more than the manifestation of an unwell mind? No.

Does she deserve to get off the hook if she really is sick? Not off the hook... but she clearly needs help here, either for dealing with racist attitudes, or for dealing with her condition. And she should have a few people around her who are filtering stuff like this.

If the schizophrenic thing is a line her agent or handlers are peddling to get her off the hook? That's just as bad as the stuff she tweeted (and her unapologetic response to the backlash), because schizophrenics and others who struggle with mental illness do NOT deserve to have their condition filed with "I was drunk" and "He's lived a hard life" as excuses for bad behavior that deserve to be met with jaded "oh yeah?" responses. Poisoning the compassion the unwell deserve is the most deplorable thing I can think of.

The final takeaway... probably the only real takeaway here:
The response to racism (Mayweather's comment) is not more racism.
The response to Hyun's racism, is not more racism, either (NB: people using this to say all Koreans or all Korean-Americans are racist, because of their tangential association with Ms. Hyun.)

OK I'm done.

Also... Jeremy Lin... Taiwanese-American. Intersects with the themes of this blog even less... though I like a good sports Cinderella story as much as the next guy, and it's really easy to root for him.


roboseyo said...

Give me a little more time for a final reaction to Disqus, Robert.  Blogger's new capcha was totally unreadable, and led to half a week with one comment total.

I already like it better than Blogger... partly because blogger doesn't give me commenters' IP addresses, but Disqus does.

MadlocoB said...

Well, they say there ain't such thing as bad publicity...
Before the tweets, Floyd got his hands full with his domestic abuse/ baby mama beat down , and most people would have asked "Who the efff is Jenny Hyun?"
Now these two are relevant again - or so they think....
BTW, the schitzho defense is waaaay way low... and I thought I've heard it al...

Seoul stories said...

I didn't know who Jenny Hyun was until I read your post... As a fellow Korean, I would like to say that I'm sorry for the racist tweets, and hope this kind of outrageous acts never happen again. And, NO not all Koreans are racist.

roboseyo said...

You don't have to apologize for Jenny Hyun: you're not responsible for her actions in any way.

But it's too bad racism like this still exists in many places.