Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sick Babyseyo

Warning: the final picture in this post contains chest hair.

Babyseyo and Roboseyo.
You may notice the newest addition to my family: Spectcloseyo.
Yes. I have joined the ranks of the bespectacled, glasses-wearing four-eyes. And to all of my friends on whose glasses I at some point put a fingerprint as a prank: I'm sorry. I'm a jerk.

So Babyseyo got a cough last week. On Wednesday, we brought him to the pediatric clinic near our home; they gave him a two-days' worth prescription, and said, "If this doesn't set him right, bring him to a real hospital."

On Friday, he was worse than Wednesday, if anything, his crying had acquired a ragged buzz-saw edge to it that he didn't usually have, and he wasn't smiling: just looking around with big, "You can help me with this, right?" eyes.

So... here's peaceful babyseyo (he folds his arms like a buddha when he's really at peace)
OK ok. Or a mad villain concocting evil schemes (if the light is right)

They looked at him and said "We'd like to check him in, please." And he looked like this.


Call Rudolph: the baby hospital's horning in on his turf. The gadget that measures his blood oxygen saturation and pulse has made his toe glow. Wifeoseyo did not find my shiny toe jokes funny... and I'm pretty shiny toes don't run in her side of the family, so I'll have to ask my dad about my side.

But readers...
I don't know how to describe what it is to see your own baby like that. It'd be like describing sex to a virgin, or red to a blind person - meaningless platitudes, or words that seem to fall far below the act... but every parent will nod their head and know. It's the final step in bonding with your kid, I think: seeing your little one sick takes all the deep roots of love that have been building, and suddenly reveals them to you, like a flash of lightning outlining the tree in your yard, all at once, in an instant, in every staggering detail.

He's been in the hospital since Friday, as my twitter and facebook people will know. He's better: eating more and smiling again, but it was only today that the doctors finally told us just how bad he was doing on Friday, because they didn't want to upset us then. Not that you had to tell us he was in a bad way.

We're getting good care at the hospital, but anyway... that's baby's first sick. So if you've been waiting for me to answer an e-mail or comment at Roboseyo, please bear with me. And if you're the praying type, say a short one for Babyseyo.

'cause I love this kid.


3gyupsal said...

Sorry to hear that man. Mine had a case of bronchitis back in October. Korean hospitals can be kind of scary given how quick they are to prick babies with the I.V.'s. We spent about a week a the hospital. It's hard. Hope your little guy is getting better. Also the ward was filled with sick kids with pneumonia, bronchitis, and meningitis. I was kind of worried that some cross infections might happen.

Anonymous said...

Your baby looks to be about the same age as mine and mine is also a little sick these days. We already did rudolph toe as she showed up a month early and had to hang out in an incubator for a couple days.

Anonymous said...

I hope Babyseyo makes a speedy recovery.

- Selom

Anonymous said...

Awww poor little guy :( I hope he gets back to 100% asap.

Shmuberry said...

Poor Babyseyo :( Hope he gets better soon

Burndog said...

Poor wee man! Wishing the lad a speedy recovery from the illness, and the wife a speedy recovery from your jokes!

melissa v. said...

xxxxxooooo lots of prayers...

CeilingofStars said...

Little baby had his first hospital visit! :( Hope he's feeling better and better every day. It'll just make him tougher in the long run. :)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon ( bale-bale!) and that your parents don't have to spend more hours pacing hospital corridors and worrying about you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant "SO THAT your parents...." blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm sorry to hear that :-(