Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Discussion of Women and Clothings

Inspired by

1. Slutwalk Korea
2. Women wearing bikinis in the Cheonggyecheon and shocking the world (or something)...

I've been invited to speak on TBS radio tomorrow on the morning show about it. And we'd love to have people calling in.

Now, the last time I tackled women's issues on TBS radio, back in February when I did "The Bigger Picture" on the evening show, I remember wishing more females called in... so this time, if you have something to say about the "short skirt" defense for sexual assault, or the burka philosophy (since we can't expect men to control themselves, pigs and animals that we are, we should just make women dress in burkas/wear longer skirts/hide away in women's subway cars/change their behavior so as not to bring sexual assault upon themselves [sarcasm]... I'd love to have you call in. Or send a tweet. Or at least tune in and listen. Contact information (and host Mike's handsome face) is here. -

It's a little early in the AM, but at about 8:05am, on Thursday, on 101.3, I'll be talking about the topic with Mike, and somebody named Eva John.

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David tz said...

can't listen online unless I only use IE 6 , which I deleted from my computer almost as soon as I got it. This almost means, I can't listen using my tablet, phone or any other device that doesn't have IE6 installed. The "on air" link goes to a *.jsp page, which is useless on anything but IE 6