Sunday, September 26, 2010

Congrats to the Korean Under-17 Women's Soccer Team

They just won the Under 17 Women's FIFA World Cup in a penalty kicks against Japan.

Plus, they totally dumped their coach when they tried to lift him over their heads after the team photo: skip to about 4:30 of this video, which won't give me the embed code.


Eugene said...

It's great to see a country that really gets behind even the most trivial of sporting accomplishments in the name of supporting the country. If this were the U.S., it would have maybe been a 5 second spot on Sportscenter, and it would also be a paragraph on the bottom of the sports page.

U17s getting any press is amazing, and girls at that!

Very nice win, but feel sorry for the Japanese girl that missed her kick.

This Is Me Posting said...

Penalty kicks are, apparently, the only way to beat the Japanese at football.

If by some miracle a bunch of 5 years olds held the Japanese national team to penalty kicks, I'd absolutely put my money on the toddlers.

Unknown said...

Congratulations! The U-17 is a tremendous championship to sets up the country for a great run at the U-20 championship and the next Olympics and Women's World Cup...Coach Phil - Seoul RMT FC