Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Funniest Sexual Harassment Training Video

My coworker just told me he stalks me on my blog. That's OK, Bryan. You're still awesome.

However, while we're on the subject...

There have been rumblings around my workplace that there might be a sexual harassment training seminar in our near future.  That's OK with me, all things considered.  But that got me remembering the funniest Sexual Harassment Training Video I've ever seen - from

warning: mature topic, some words your grandmother doesn't like to hear, and a few unexpected visuals.

warning: hilarity

Disclaimer: while this video is over the top and funny, sexual harassment isn't, and anybody who employs these techniques in earnest is some kind of scuzz or another.


dokebi said...

i think it's an excellent video

Elearning Courses said...

Great video! Though it's a bit funny, the thought is well-versed. Companies should take Sexual Harassment Prevention Training since most states in the U.S. mandate its employers to do so like the Connecticut CHROA Sexual Harassment and AB 1825 California Sexual Harassment.