Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Game at Roboseyo: weirdest "please hold until a customer care clerk becomes available" music

Rules are simple:

What would be the weirdest song to hear while waiting for a call-center clerk to become available?

Put your answer in the comments. You can go weird: (Bela Lugosi is Dead) or ironic (like playing "Alive" as an in-flight movie), or whatever you like.

Bonus points if you include a link to a youtube clip of the song.

My first submission: not too out there or anything, but a great video: "Pick Up The Phone" by Notwist.


Unknown said...

I guess I'll go first.

Dating Service Hold Music: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

Muckefuck said...

1) S.O.D "Speak English or die."

2) MC5 "kick out the jams."

3)GBH Slut

4)crumbsuckers "just sit there"

5) Black Flag "I've had it"

6)Jonny Paycheck "Take this job and shove it."

7) Dennis Leary "Asshole"

8) Bob and doug Mckenzie "Take off"

Chris in South Korea said...

"We're not gonna take it... anymore!!!"

only I'd change it to "We're not gonna hold on.. anymore!!"

Roboseyo said...

Hold On: Jonas Brothers

and the classic:
Wilson Phillips.

JIW said...

Ma Nah Ma Nah (Phenomena, Phenomenon)

Anonymous said...

"Thanks For Your Time" by Gotye:

The more you listen to the lyrics the creepier it is.

nb said...

I'm a tits and ass man.

Roboseyo said...

Don't be crass, NB. My grandmother reads this blog.

nb said...

I apologize.

matt said...

Anything from the late 1920s CBS days by Raymond Scott (like this - it's just too upbeat and strange to be 'on hold' music).

About Three Days Grace - that's the first time I've ever heard anything by them. It's interesting to me since they went to my (very small town) high school (but were younger than me - I think my sister knew them).

Roboseyo said...

so far grubstreehack is winning.

S said...

The weirdest thing I've ever actually, really heard was the wait music for Aliant highspeed internet tech support here in Canada. Sure it's the Maritimes, but that's no excuse for drunken fisherman songs, including The Night Paddy Murphy Died. It was a loop of four songs. The queue was so long I heard them all twice before my call was answered.